Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Investment Philosophy: Part 3

                      "Invest ethically"

I met up with a friend over lunch last week and we somehow came to the topic of life philosophy.

She inspired me with her view that one should live their lives by passionately practising the core values that they hold dear.

That is because at the very least, after we have left this world, we would have made our mark by impressing on the people around us with these strong values we have lived our lives by. So much so that when people remember you, they will think of the strong values your life represented.

It could be integrity towards your job, keeping to your promises, love for nature, gratitude towards others, fidelity towards your spouse, being punctual at all times because you respect others' etc.....anything. Everyone of us definitely have something we believe strongly. Just that we have to recognise it and apply it mindfully. 
I felt it was a very meaningful way to live life.

Relating this to my core investment philosophy of ethical investing, I have always been a strong advocate of investing in enterprises that add value to the marketplace and people's lives.

For e.g I do not condone the act of directors/CEOs paying themselves millions despite making huge losses and destroying value. I will avoid these companies like plague. I will also avoid companies that produce tobacco, gambling, etc too.

Moving forward, I this will be a key factor I consider before determining the types of companies' stocks I buy.

It might seem radical to many people, but I personally do not advocate shorting a company's stock too. I have never shorted a stock and never will.

The basic premise of investing, i believe, is to buy into strong enterprises that create value in the long run.

What good does it do to profit from a company's fundamentals deteriorating terribly?

I do think that shorting is a something that is contrary to the statement "making the world a better place". It is destructive rather than productive, and I would rather spend the time hunting good companies that contribute positively to the economy. The satisfaction obtained from seeing a value-adding enterprise grow and knowing you have a share in it is thrilling!

Going forward, I aim to grow my portfolio based on this investment philosophy of investing ethically. How about you? :-)

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